...to provide an outlet in which I can talk about new technology and technology news. I love listening to tech podcasts and reading tech blogs, comparing products and discussing developments. Unfortunately, because we're not literally planning on purchasing 99% of what I'm interested in talking about, this type of news doesn't seem as relevant to my wife. I'm hoping the blog will give me a forum where I can make observations about the tech world. Even though I can't be at the cutting edge of delivering tech news to the world, one thing I can offer is a commentary and evaluation of tech news: An editorial.

I hope my blog gathers an independent readership of at least some modest value ("independent"=not people that I've specifically messaged and bribed to see my latest post) and recognized as a member of the tech talk community. My other goal is to seamlessly integrate ad revenue into a well-developed and meaningful content-driven site.

If everything goes as planned in one year, my blog will have cross-developed podcasts and videos that continue to express what the blog does but more and on a variety of formats; the readership and recognition from more established blogs will have been developed, and I will have been able to use the money to pay at least one electricity bill.

The blog is for tech lovers, first and foremost. If you're not interested in gadgets and electronics business, this won't be for you. This blog is also for teachers, as I look at different gadgets and topics from a teacher's perspective: creative usage implications for the classroom, the true "must-have" factor for the American on a teacher's salary, and critical evaluations about the worth of a product.