Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cage Match: Apple iPad versus Samsung Galaxy Tab

In this space we'll take a look at the breakdown between the world's first significant tablet PC competition. In the first corner we'll start with the iPad, since it came out first and currently rules the market sphere for tablet PC. In the second corner, we'll take a look at what the Samsung Galaxy Tab brings to the table.

LLLLLet's get ready to rumble!

Apple iPad Strengths and Specs
  • Large 9.7” screen diagonal
  • 40,000+ apps in a moderated app marketplace
  • 10+ hrs battery life
  • seventh-month headstart on market share and customer feedback
  • cheapest model is $100 cheaper
  • rumored to multitask as of iOS 4.2 releasing apprx. 11/16/10
  • bigger screen makes viable eBook reader
Samsung Galaxy Tab Challenges and Turn-Offs
  • Even Google despaired at the Tab using its Android—it was designed for a cell phone, not a tablet
  • much less battery life
  • no USB charging (ex. via laptop)
  • smaller screen has less than half of the area than iPad

Samsung Galaxy Tab Strengths and Specs
  • 7” screen diagonal viewed by some as refreshingly large compared to cell phone
  • runs popular Google Android 2.2 interface
  • cameras in front (video conference) and back (taking photos)
  • 6+ hrs battery life
  • like iPad did, Tab may spark renaissance of specific-to-device app development
  • can see Flash web pages
  • multitasks
  • easier to hold in one hand
  • Fits in more places, such as purses or jacket pockets

Apple iPad Challenges and Turn-Offs
  • Although small and thin, does not pack as easily as the smaller Galaxy Tab
  • significantly heavier than the Tab
  • less mobile carrier options for 3G model
  • no cameras... period

Choosing which competitor you favor will depend on your needs from the machine. For business purposes including video conferencing and ultra portability, you may like the Galaxy Tab. For personal purposes including a huge variety of fun and useful apps, the iPad may be for you.

Seeing the possibilities of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is somewhat of a changed attitude from my initial reaction, which you can read here: Dead on Arrival: Don't Need Tablet's Limited Size and Software for $600

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