Worry Bout it Meter

Ever wondered how much something should demand your attention? Try these cool new rating steps to see what you need to worry about.

1. Fuh Gedaboudit. 
Your friend shouldn't even have mentioned this to you, because you just don't need to waste a second brain cell on thinking about it. 

2. Late newspaper.
Bothersome enough for two thoughts, but there's nothing you can do about it, and ultimately it won't change your day. It's not even important enough to turn into a cool story for your coworkers and friends later on.

3. Spilt Milk.
This might mean frosty beverage all over the floor--and in the worst case scenario, even a little broken glass if you dropped your cup--but ultimately cleaning it up is a normal process, and you shouldn't cry over it.

4. Flat Tire.
This could get you late for work, it could cost you money, and it could even put you in danger while you address the situation. On the other hand, it won't make any headlines.

5. Def-Con 1.
If something reaches this level in your life and you haven't looked into it, then it threatens to take over by force and ruin everything. Sorry. You should worry about this one.